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Carol Leven and Nick Moran Duo: The Small Band with the Big Sound, was formed in 2014.


Nick loved jazz standards, and began revisiting them through their lyrics--these are songs meant to be sung. Carol loved jazz standards and was rediscovering them through melody and rhythm. With no musical boundaries, open minds and hearts, they started playing. With a seven-string guitar and a live looper, Nick sounds like two guitars and a bass. Bringing brushes and snare, shakers,  frame drum, and bongos into the mix, Carol sounds like, well, a singer playing percussion. They create a sound that is  rich and layered, subtle and swinging. The Carol and Nick Duo has been working extensively in New York City, Connecticut's northwest corner and the Hudson valley at restaurants, clubs, vineyards, special events and private parties,


In addition to working as a duo, Carol and Nick enjoy collaborating with other musicians, most notably with bass player Rusty Holloway.  They enjoy bringing together different players to keep their sound fresh and to offer larger format bands.

Nick holds a BFA in Jazz Performance from the City College of New York where he was a protégé student of the great Ron Carter.  An accomplished composer, bandleader and clinician, Moran holds master classes in rhythm studies, improvisation and contemporary styles,. He fronts his own trio and they play in venues such as the NY Bahá’i Center, the Brooklyn Museum and the Bar Next Door.


Carol Leven began her career in musical theater, and has worked extensively in New York City for more than two decades. Leven studied with some of the greatest vocal legends, including Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan, who has described her as “a truly fine and original singer.”

Nick and Carol are FUN. They are passionate about melody and lyric interpretation, and their love of what they do is infectious.  So listen to their clips, check out their photos, watch their videos and you, too, will fall in love with Carol and Nick!

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